International Schools Choral Music Society


Beijing Kids (April, 2014)

Two-time Grammy Award winning composer Christopher Tin visited Beijing earlier this year to participate in the seventh International Schools Choral Music Society (ISCMS) festival hosted by Dulwich College Beijing.

Dulwich Beijing Student Wins The Jenkins Award

Dulwich College Beijing is delighted to announce that Dulwich student John Hui has been chosen by Karl Jenkins as the first ever winner of the Jenkins Award.

Pocket Full of Soul: The 2012 ISCMS Gala Concert (Beijing Kids, February, 2012)

From the outside, nothing would have seemed amiss at the Forbidden City Concert Hall on Saturday. Inside, however, was a different story. An entire audience was on its feet, swaying, clapping, and singing in unison as American singer and conductor Dr. Beverly Vaughn led student performers through a rousing rendition of Dr. Robert Ray’s Gospel Mass.

Stars Shine at the ISCMS Music Festival (Beijing Kids, February, 2012)

Save the dates: the fifth annual International Schools Choral Music Society (ISCMS) music festival is almost here. Hosted this year by Dulwich College Beijing (DCB), the event is called Lumen and takes place from February 15 to 19 (2012), bringing together more than 450 participants from around the world for music workshops. The climax of the festival is a gala concert involving students, faculty, and a special guest. This year, that guest is world-renowned Welsh music luminary Karl Jenkins, the most widely-performed living composer in the world.

The Forbidden City Concert Hall vs Zhongshan Park (Beijing Kids, February, 2012)

It had been years since I attended a show with a live symphony orchestra – even longer since I listened to a decent choral performance. So when we had a chance to attend the International Schools Choral Music Society (ISCMS) gala concert, the whole family decided it was a good idea. We wanted to see the over 400 musicians and singers on stage, but I was equally curious about what kind of music hall sits within the confines of the former imperial garden where the Emperor used to relax, the beautiful Zhongshan Park. It is the kind of place I had been meaning to explore and finally we would get to do so at night.