Directed by Nathanial Geo

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected for the ISCMS BIG BAND 2018.
Alto Sax 1 Harry Xu Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong
Alto Sax 2 Shannon Lo German Swiss International School
Tenor Sax 1 Ting Fong Chen Independent Schools' Foundation
Tenor Sax 2 Dominik Vagner South Island School
Bari Sax Yuchi Sun YKPao School

Trumpet 1 Changyu Han YKPao School
Trumpet 2 Elliot An Dulwich College Beijing
Trumpet 3 Emily Jackson Gippsland Grammar School
Trumpet 4 Yiming Song Dulwich College Beijing

Trombone 1 Jason Ryu Dulwich College Beijing
Trombone 2 Michael Shen Dulwich College Beijing
Trombone 3 Gabriel Wai Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

Piano 1 Larissa Leung Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong
Piano 2 Jason Fung Dulwich College Beijing
Bass 1 Martin Yong Nexus International School
Bass 2 Jiachen Xue Dulwich International High School Suzhou
Drums 1 Zong Xu Steinhoff Dulwich College Beijing
Drums 2 Bryce Worboys Gippsland Grammar School
Guitar Brian Cheng Independent Schools' Foundation